This spirit of Oneness breaks all barriers such as language, culture and leads us together to enjoy and experience Cricket and Music together as One. Let us celebrate this Oneness as Indians!

The feeling of Oneness is to come together as One despite our diversities. This brings equality to all Indians wherever and whoever they are. The love for fellow Indians and for our country itself is the greatest uniting factor of all.

India Loves Cricket

You can belong to any state of India but we are sure none of you can deny the rush of adrenaline you feel when our Indian team scores a six or takes out a wicket. Even people who do not know about cricket will not be able to contain the feeling of joy and pride when our home team wins a match. This reiterates what our campaign stands for (i.e.) linguistic or cultural boundaries cannot contain the oneness of our emotion towards people or elements that we consider a national treasure.

Since we are on the topic of home teams, it’s mandatory to talk about the star team of namma Chennai: The Chennai Super Kings. There is no denying that their never say die attitude and team spirit has managed to keep fans grip the edge of their seats through many matches. A team that embodies dynamic players from across the country is spearheaded by an equally dynamic Captain Cool, MS Dhoni. We are sure most of you have already purchased the telltale yellow jersey and geared up to cheer your lungs out.

While you are at it, don’t forget to celebrate the spirit of cricket with us by participating in several exciting events and contests lined up just for you. For further details on the IPL gala, hit a follow button on Instagram and stay tuned!    

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India Loves Music

In true essence of celebrating this enigma that binds us all together, we are all set to release our own music video on “The oneness in Indiaâ€.

In addition, there are also contests lined up for the musically inclined bunch of you! Follow our Instagram handle to find out more about the contest and other updates